How can I help you?

Clients come to me with a variety of different goals. This can be in the form of a Personal Training program, Personal Training and working with your own schedule, but you can also think of a one-off lesson to get help with a particular skill or complaint. Below you will find the different goals (groups) that I can help you with.
Whether you want to get fitter or you are recovering from an injury, pregnancy or surgery, all workouts will always be as functional as possible
If you decide to sign up I will contact you and we will meet on location, with no obligation, so you can see who I am and where you will be working out. This way you can ask all your questions and I can explain how I work.
Once you have decided to proceed, we will make an appointment for an assessment and a first sports appointment

Build Strength and/or Get Fitter

The vast majority of people who exercise want to become fitter or feel better about themselves. Becoming fit means something different to everyone. One person wants to lose weight, the other wants to build muscle, or just wants to start exercising again, they all need help with those goals. Beforehand, we will do an initial assessment to see where you stand, so that we can adjust the training to your level. These people are going to work hard on their fitness and/or building their muscles. Every session will be a sweaty new challenge.

Training without Pain

Do you recognise yourself in any of the following points? You have had an operation, you went through a recovery process but aren’t sure how to restart your sports regime. You have been advised by the doctor/physiotherapist or other medical specialist to exercise more because sports can reduce your symptoms? You have recovered from your injury and have green light to workout again? HOWEVER… You have no clue how to get started again or you find it scary? Then I can help you. We will do an extensive assessment, so that I can clearly see what still hurts or what goes well and what doesn’t go so well. In addition, I would like to hear from you what has happened and what you have already done. Based on this assessment I will make a training plan. This is often more intensive than what the Physio or Physician has prepared for you and is focused on functional training, daily life and possibly picking up your old sport again.

Sports during or after pregnancy

Engaging in sport during pregnancy is something that is fortunately attracting more and more attention. Especially during this time, it is important (perhaps even more than usual) to take good care of your body. But what can you do and what can’t you do? What do you need to take into account? These are questions most women have. I can answer this, and we also apply this in the training sessions so that you can get started yourself. In addition, everything can be adjusted on the day itself. Some days are simply more tiring than others and while some pregnancies go smoothly, there are also plenty who do not. Especially now, we pay extra attetion to that. After giving birth, you will want to start exercising again. The midwife will often give you a green light after 6 weeks, but it is wise not to go full steam ahead. Your body has moved and felt differently over the last 9 months. Then you gave birth, whether vaginal or with a C-section, and this takes time to properly recover from. Doing sports will help you with a faster recovery. Here, too, I can coach you

Sport for Seniors

When are you a senior? Usually, 55+, is considered senior, but one senior is not like another. However, with age, all sorts of things change in your body and need to taken into account Especially for the 55+ group, it is important to keep moving. Numerous studies have been done into the effect of sport in later life and these show that it has a positive effect on the body, and often also on the mind. In reality, I mainly come across people who would like to continue exercising but no longer feel at home in the gym or want or need just a little more guidance, for example because menopause has changed things or injuries aren’t healing as quickly as they used to.

Learn a new skill

Some people have a very specific goal: I want to be able to do a handstand; I want to take my snatch to 50KG; I want more mobility, to be able to do 20 push ups, to be able to do 1 pull-up, etc. These are goals that you can work towards very well by yourself, but sometimes you run into a wall. During our sessions, we will look together at how you are doing, and I will give you tips which you can apply immediately. After that, it is advisable to continue with a schedule that is adapted to your needs and possibly a follow-up session to make adjustments. These sessions last between 30 and 90 minutes.

Combination of 2 or more

You want to lose weight, AND you are recovering from an injury, AND you would like to be able to walk on your hands. Or any other combination. That is also possible, of course! In that case, the process is often a bit longer, in that sometimes we need to focus on one goal first, so that the second goal is also feasible. And sometimes things can be done at the same time. This depends entirely on the person and the reason for exercising. For more information you can always contact me.
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