"Sublime guidance! She keeps you well motivated and during the training she pays attention to your own wishes".

Who am I?

I am Eline Vring, NASM certified Personal Trainer. In addition to having followed Crossfit L2, I complemented my personal training education with courses in pre and postnatal education with Yvlo-Zwangerfit , did the PowerMama level 2 course and Girls Gone strong. All this to simply say I enjoy coaching people, helping them and sharing my knowledge.

And E-LeanPT?

Since spring 2017 I have been actively doing Crossfit. Before that I could be found a lot at the gym in Paris doing intensive Crossfitstyle workouts. Although I like doing Crossfit myself, I don’t expect my clients to necessarily like it themselves. The primary goal is to get you moving in a functional healthy way without pain. Having encountered the many obstacles myself along the way, including hormonal balance, nutritional issues as well as injuries, I started delving more and more into physical training theory.

This eventually culminated in the certificates and diplomas I’ve earned

In February 2019, I made the decision to quit my office job and continue with my own company, E-LeanPT.

Since then, I have been teaching Personal Training, Crossfit and various groupclasses. I also continue to actively follow courses, since after all, we are never too old to learn or start something!

You can find more about the possibilities I offer here

"Eline is a knowledgeable coach, who immerses herself in the client she is training.

"Top coach! Eline knows what she is doing, can adapt well to our needs."

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