Who am I?

I am Eline Vring, NASM certified Personal Trainer. In addition to having followed Crossfit L2, I complemented my personal training education with courses in pre and postnatal education with Yvlo-Zwangerfit , did the PowerMama level 2 course and Girls Gone strong. All this to simply say I enjoy coaching people, helping them and sharing my knowledge.

And E-LeanPT?

Since spring 2017 I have been actively doing Crossfit. Before that I could be found a lot at the gym in Paris doing intensive Crossfitstyle workouts. Although I like doing Crossfit myself, I don’t expect my clients to necessarily like it themselves. The primary goal is to get you moving in a functional healthy way without pain. Having encountered the many obstacles myself along the way, including hormonal balance, nutritional issues as well as injuries, I started delving more and more into physical training theory.

This eventually culminated in the certificates and diplomas I’ve earned

In February 2019, I made the decision to quit my office job and continue with my own company, E-LeanPT.

Since then, I have been teaching Personal Training, Crossfit and various groupclasses. I also continue to actively follow courses, since after all, we are never too old to learn or start something!

"Eline is een kundige coach, die zich verdiept in de klant die ze traint."

"Eline is a knowledgeable coach, who immerses herself in the client she is training.

"Top coach! Eline knows what she is doing, can adapt well to our needs."

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